We here at Little Beasts are committed to providing (and holding) a space that is safe and welcoming to all. Regardless of ones race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or physical appearance. Customers, employees and anyone else present can expect to be respected and protected in our brewery. Harassment, discriminatory speech, hate speech, bullying and/or abuse will all be met with zero tolerance.

If you ever feel that you have been subjected to any of the above please let a staff member here know. We are happy to deal with any situation that arises immediately. This applies to both staff, customers and/or anyone else on the property.
Anyone responsible for any of the discriminatory behaviours listed above will be asked to leave the premises immediately. NO exceptions.  

Our Beers

Our beer line up features a number of beers that regularly rotate as well as seasonal and one offs. Click each of our beers for a flavour description.

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